Check that you have enabled Macros in your Excel Workbook. Our template needs to run macros so you can create Amazing Maps in Microsoft Excel.

Our templates are tested to perfectly run in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

Just add your values on the correponding place in de Dashboard.

To color your map, you must first indicate the values for each of the regions in the corresponding table.

Then, just click on Colorize. That's it! That easy!

Our maps are preconfigured with a set of five different color patterns so you can choose the one you like the most when coloring your Choropleth Map for Microsoft Excel.

You can choose one of our five different patterns by using the drop-down you'll find in the Dashboard.

To have your map again as it has been delivered, click on Restart.

You can hide and show the legend of your map by clicking on Legend.

You can copy our Maps for Microsoft Excel in two different formats:

Vector image: this format will allow you to use your maps without loss of resolution when increasing the size of the map or zooming in.

Bitmap: this is the most used image format worldwide. JPG, BMP or PNG are examples of bitmap formats.

You can copy the data table by clicking Copy Data.

To adjust the characteristics of your map, just click Settings. A section will be opened and there you will be able to:

  • Add a title to your map.
  • Set the units that will be shown in your map’s legend. 
  • Customize the ranges to be taken as a reference to color your map.
  • Change the colors that will be used to color your map.

Go to Settings / Title and write the title you want to appear on your map.

Go to Settings / Units and indicate the units that should be shown on your map.

Your map’s ranges are five intervals that will define the different colors the map will be colored in.

You can set your own intervals. Anyway, we have made it easy for you and you can let us configure them automatically for you by clicking on Ranges / Predefined.

The automatic ranges will be calculated taking into account the values you have filled in the data table of regions in the Dashboard.

To color your map with different colors from those we have proposed, simply change the colors of the cells with the ones you want to use.

Do not worry if you do not want to lose the patterns that we have proposed initially. You can always recover them by clicking on Predefined.

Whenever you want to return to the map Dashboard, click Back to Map.

To change the language of your template, you can use the dropdown that you will find at the top of the Dashboard.